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Epic Audio Media have extensive experience in mastering for a variety of different types of music, in all output media formats, with a proven track record in releases worldwide.


Our viewpoint is that the process of mastering is a process that involves the stakeholders from the artist, the pressing plant and the release companies and that often, artists who master their own work do not produce results which fully satisfy the stakeholders or the intended audience, or do not influence the listener enough to attract investment.

Epic Audio Media provide a complete mastering process, working closely with artists to identify the intended outcome (sound) and produce masters which stand out from other, less professional, results. We have access to the latest technology, including, analogue, digital, intelligent and retro modelling processes and can redefine the unmastered material for either sharp, digital sound or warmer, analogues sound. 

Epic Audio Media are experts in the optimisation of unfinished material (usually at ‘near complete’ stage) by analysing the recorded material, working closely with the artist during the initial stages of finalising the material for mastering.

This can include adjustments to the final mix to ensure that the mastering process enhances and balances the sound perfectly or to rearrange material to achieve a certain sound, feel or contrast in the final master. Post production differs from mastering in that it enables mastering to conclude using perfectly adjusted final mix material to achieve the right outcome.

Our artist roster has predominantly benefited from this service by cutting down wasted time in test mastering and poor quality master results, particularly for the vinyl media.

Often, clients require Epic Audio Media to ‘fix’ issues with audio files which cannot be resolved by any other method. This may be due to missing original material or inherent issues during the recording prices that would be costly to rectify at source.


Restoration may involve combinations of the following services:


  • Rebalancing, cutting or spiking equalisation


  • Clicks, pops, crackles and other unwanted noise

  • Complex spectral repair, de-layering, re-mixing and mastering 

  • Enhancing old material with underlying noise (such as ferric, chrome or metal tape)


  • Removing vinyl scratches


  • Remastering


  • Resampling


  • Transient reshaping, and expansion (partially removing mastering)


  • Stereo Imaging and wide field enhancements, from 2 to 2.1 – 7.1


  • Cutting or extending existing audio seamlessly.

Audio Post Production, Mixing and Mastering for Digital, Video and Vinyl release.

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