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Below are some sample rates, please contact us for a specfic, detailed quotation that best serves you requirements. Significant discounts are available for multiple tracks and for multiple output formats, contact us for a custom quotation at
All our artist's material is considered completely copyright/confidential and held on a secure system.
File transfers are done via encrypted means, ensuring no unauthorised circulation. 
Audio Mixing And Mastering Services


from £25 per Track

Custom mastering from a digital track, to your specification. Price includes the provision of a digital master and three revisions where required. Significant discounts are available for an album or collection of tracks, or multiple platforms (CD/Vinyl/Broadcast/Streaming, etc.), including authoring and distribution formats outputs.

Music Post Production Services

Post Production

from £35 per track

Mix Analysis, including suggested adjustments to the final mix to ensure that the mastering process enhances and balances the sound perfectly or to rearrange material to achieve a certain sound, feel or contrast in the final master.  Authoring for pre-mastered tracks where required. Price does not include mastering. Significant discounts are available for an album or collection of tracks, contact us for a custom quotation for packages.

Audio Mixing Services


from £105 per Track

Custom mixing from digital tracks (or stems), to your specification. Price includes mixing from stems forming a preliminary rough mix. Contact us for prices for mixing from raw studio/DAW outputs and 1 revision of the first mix. Price does not include Mastering, Significant discounts are available for an album or collection of tracks. Package deals are available on request.

Audio Restoration Services


Call for a Quote

Restoration from a digital track, can include Rebalancing, cutting or spiking equalisation , Clicks, pops, crackles and other unwanted noise, Enhancing old material with underlying noise (such as ferric, chrome or metal tape), Removing vinyl scratches, Spectral Repair  and delayering/deconstructing into components, Remastering, Resampling, Transient reshaping and expansion (partially removing mastering), Stereo Imaging and wide field enhancements, from 2 to 2.1 – 7.1
Cutting or extending existing audio seamlessly. Contact us for a custom quote.

Standard Terms and Conditions
Whilst each job we do is bespoke, our standard terms and conditions will apply unless otherwise agreed
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