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Past Project - Marc Almond - Raoul and the Ruined (Marc and the Mambas) - 'Bite Black and Blues'

We start this series of past projects with a vinyl remaster we did for Marc Almond, under the name 'Raoul and the Ruined', in 2000, released by Blue Star Music, catalogue number THEATRE001.

The project was undertaken by Jules Seifert and Katherine Rhodes.

The remaster was sourced from a bootleg vinyl copy of the album, restored using noise reduction (surface noise, scratches and pops, sampled from inter track gaps) and then rebalanced and some light banded compression for the vinyl master itself.

Vinyl copies of this production are fetching significant sums of money and are highly sought after by Marc's fans.


  1. The Plague

  2. In My Room

  3. Fun City

  4. Gloomy Sunday

  5. Switchblade Operator

  6. Muleskinner Blues

  7. Blue Prelude

  8. Sleaze

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