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Weekly Update 08/01/2021

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

After the festive season we've completed a couple of projects, including one for major mainstream artist, and are clearing the decks for what looks like a busy 2021. Despite the current outlook for live music, there is plenty in the pipeline and all indicators are that this years will be the busiest to date!

We have completed our remastering project for Mortiis, which was complex and required spectral repair, noise reduction, rebalancing and remastering of some incidental music, this is expected to be released in the next few months on Digital, CD and Vinyl formats. Look out for details on Mortiis' social media feeds.

We also got a call from an agency in Los Angeles to remaster some early demo tracks for an artist based in Poway, California, which is now complete and approved by the artist and their management. We await news of the release and until this has been cleared, we cannot give details - but please stay tuned in. It will be worth it.

Armalyte Industries and Distortion Productions are also progressing with the release of the much awaited EAM remaster of Chemlab's seminal 'Burnout at the Hydrogen bar' which we promise will be spectacular - keep an eye out on the Armalyte feeds.

Lastly, our mastering work with Julian Beeston is nearly complete in time for his album release date to be announced. Again, keep an eye on Armalyte Industries feeds.

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