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Weekly update 20th December 2020

This week saw the release of Sapphira Vee's album, 'The Mask', which was mixed and mastered by Epic Audio Media throughout the late summer/autumn. The album is receiving good reviews and feedback as it makes it's way onto various platforms. The album contains remixes from a variety of great artists such as The Joy Thieves, Spankthenun, Melodywhore and Amaranth. A limited number of CDs are available, go check it out on Bandcamp!

We have also been working hard on some material for Havard Eleffsen (Mortiis) in both remastering and post production checks. In remastering we are working on a complex spectral repair of some audio for an upcoming vinyl release, prior to final mastering for CD/Digital and Vinyl.

In post production support we have been checking and comparing vinyl test pressings for a re-pressing of a recent EAM project for Mortiis which has gone to a second pressing due to demand.

We are also checking pre-mixes from the Armalyte artist DROWND in advance of the final mix and master phase for their next campaign.

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